The difference between Lightroom Versions

There are multiple versions of Adobe Lightroom, they all do basically the same thing, however there are some major differences that may affect the one that you use. All versions require you to have a Monthly Adobe Subscription.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Adobe Lightroom Classic is the Desktop version. The software is installed on your desktop or laptop and the images are saved on your hard drive. It also has some tools that other versions don’t for example a printing module and web publishing module. Images can be selected to be available online. Use this version if you want to print image and take a high number of images.

Images are stored locally on your computer along with a catalogue file that contains information about all of your edits. Storing images locally means that they are faster to access, are more secure as you can create multiple backups and have a choice of online backup systems. Images can be synced across versions.

Adobe describe this as the ‘most comprehensive’ version.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom Screenshot

Adobe Lightroom (formally Lightroom CC) is the cloud based version and images are synced online. This makes the images available across devices. You cannot print directly from Adobe Lightroom. Use this version of Lightroom if your main output is to social media or online. Adobe describes it as the ‘simplest’ to use and it includes tools such as automatic tagging, rather than the complex tagging options in Lightroom Classic. The syncing ability is limited by the amount of space you have paid for on your subscription, however by default images are only stored online and are dependent on you having an Adobe subscription.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile

This is very similar to Adobe Lightroom but is available on Android and IOS devices. There is a free restricted version, the free version does not include histograms or masking tools. For a mobile application this is incredibly powerful and can also be used to take photographs directly into Lightroom through its own camera app. It can also use albums shared in other versions of Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom Browser

Lightroom Online is a basic version of Lightroom available through any browser, enabling you to display, share and edit images on any computer or mobile device. It does not include a histogram or masking tools.

Adobe Lightroom Online