Selecting images to edit

Image of Lightroom import panel

The initial stage of editing is selecting the best images from the ones you have captured. That may be a single image or a range of images depending upon what the final output for your photographs is.

When selecting images to edit, try not to compromise. The more things that need correcting in an image, the more time will be spent editing instead of taking more photographs. When shooting your images, consider every detail, try and get everything right. Editing images will then only be about improving the colour, contrast and basic elements.

The best approach is to go through your images initially, very quickly removing any out of focus, unusable or incorrectly exposed images and choosing between duplicates. Then go through the images again, taking more time with each image to identify the best composed images, You may have to do this multiple times to reduce the selection to an appropriate number.

Lightroom has a range of tools for selecting images with stars, flags and colours. You can also make collections of images.
Flags are chosen on the keyboard with 
P – pick/ flag
U – Unpick
X – Reject
Numbers 1-5 – Stars
Numbers 6-0 – colours