Reducing Noise in Adobe Lightroom

One of the issues with shooting long exposures or high ISO is the possibility of introducing noise into your images. Although this is becoming less and less of a problem with advances in camera technology, there will still be times where you want to reduce noise in your images.

Another cause of noise is trying to correct an underexposed image, as you try to pull detail by adjusting an image, noise will develop particularly in shadow areas..

Digital image noise is caused by electronic interference and heat and shows as variations in colour, contrast and brightness. It is the equivalent of film grain, looks like speckles and is most obvious in shadow areas.

Noise can be reduced quite simply with the noise reduction tools in Adobe Lightroom. The tools can be found in the detail section of the Develop panel.

The image below shows the difference in an image before and after noise reduction has been added. In the before image substantially more noise is visible.