Manual / Autofocus

Manual focus allows you to control where the camera focuses.
Autofocus gives the camera control over focusing.

Manual focus is achieved by turning the focus ring on the lens, it gives you absolute control of where your point of focus is in an image, it can be difficult to use, some cameras have a brighter viewfinder than others, in lower light conditions it may be difficult to use and if you have problems with your sight it can also be difficult to use.

Autofocus can do most of the focusing for you, however it doesn’t always get it right, there are a range of focusing modes that can increase the effectiveness.
Single point focus – focus is made on single point represented by a square that you can move around the viewfinder. You choose where you want the focus and the camera does the focusing.
Multipoint – the camera chooses the most likely point of focus.
Face recognition – Ideal for portraits, will prioritise getting a face in focus.
Animal recognition – for portraits of pets

Image of a Camera autofocus selector