Photography is all about light. Knowing how to use and control both ambient and artificial light gives us tools to create better images.

In photography our main source of light for images is ambient light the light from our surroundings, daylight, moonlight, streetlights, the light from buildings and other light sources, which are largely uncontrollable in terms of brightness, direction, colour. We can control ambient light sources through timing, filters, reflectors and shoot through scrims and we can control direction of light by moving our subjects if they are not static.

By using artificial lighting sources such as flash or continuous lighting sources specifically made for photography we can take complete control over the lighting in our photographs. We can also combine artificial lighting with ambient lighting to create incredible effects, such as overpowering the sun with flash, to saturate colours and create contrast, or to add ‘fill’ light to the shadows to improve detail. Supplementary lighting allows us to shoot moving subjects such as people at night and in low lighting conditions.