Installing and Charging a Camera Battery

Install a camera battery

The majority of modern cameras are powered by a removable rechargeable lithium ion (Li-ion) battery. For most cameras, the battery is installed in a slot on the base of the camera, sometimes this may be where the memory card is also inserted.

Most cameras whether they are DSLR, Bridge or compact will come with their own dedicated battery charger. Usually the charge has capacity for one battery and a plug for mains charging. If you have multiple batteries (a second battery at the least is recommended so that you can always have power in your camera) this may not give a quick enough turnaround. 

Third party chargers are available that allow multiple battery charging and that connect via USB cable, allowing them to be used by plugging into laptops, power banks and usb adapter in a vehicle.

Some modern cameras can also be charged directly with a power bank or external adapter.