Health and Safety / Risk Assessment

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General Health and Safety
Appropriate footwear and clothing, warm, windproof, waterproof.

Be aware of slip and trip hazards, mud, water etc.
Be aware of trip hazards, especially when distracted by the view. Be aware of putting your camera bag down and that it is not where you or anyone else can trip over it. If you are with a group of photographers be aware of deposited camera bags.

If you are heading to somewhere rural, let someone know where you are going and your route, check the weather, charge your phone. For further information see:

Check tide times if near water, be aware of ways in and out of tidal areas. (also includes sunrise and moonrise times)

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
Keep track of how long you spend in front of the screen, take breaks. The recommended time is 5-10 minutes for every 60 minutes and 60-90 second breaks every 30 minutes.