Care, Maintenance, Cleaning and protecting

Lenses – Use a UV filter to protect the front element. Use a microfibre lens cloth, gently wipe the front and rear elements, for more stubborn marks, use a standard alcohol lens wipe, available in most supermarkets and discount shops. Use a paint, or makeup brush to remove dust especially around the rear of the lens, where small particles of metal can build up from removing and installing lenses.

Camera Body – Use alcohol based lens wipes to clean down the body of the camera and the outside of your lenses.

Tripods / Monopods etc. – Tripods can get particularly dirty. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt, if necessary warm, soapy water. Make sure that metal parts are dried to prevent rust. If your tripod has been stood in sand or sea water, it is worth giving it a good rinse off as salt water can corrode not only metal parts, but also carbon fibre.

Sensor – It is inevitable that at some point there will be dust on your sensor. This usually shows as out of focus marks, blemishes or spots on your images. They will be more obvious when your lens is stopped right down (large depth of field). These dust marks become a nuisance as they take work to get rid of in post-processing. Ideally your camera should be taken to a specialist photographic repair shop. Wex photographic in Gosforth provide a sensor cleaning service.

You can clean your sensor yourself, however it is possible to damage the sensor. You can clean your camera’s sensor using sensor swabs. They can be expensive but if you can pick them up relatively cheaply on Ebay, but ensure you get the right size for your camera’s sensor (Full-frame, APS-C etc.).