Camera Bags

There are two main categories of camera bag (and then some that are in-between). Take your time choosing and don’t go for something too small, leave some space for that next bit of kit, a waterproof, bottle of water….

Shoulder – These are the traditional style of camera bag, they provide quick access for changing lenses, however they can become uncomfortable if carried for a long time, or if you have lots of equipment.

Backpack – These allow kit to be carried on your back, however they need to be removed to allow access. Generally easier to carry lots of equipment than a sling bag, great if you are walking, hiking to a photography location.

Sling / Hybrid bags – are on your back but have a single strap allowing the bag to be swung to your front.

Non-photography bags – sometimes a standard backpack, over the shoulder bag may do the job very well. These are likely to be less padded than camera bags, however they will allow you to carry other non-photographic equipment alongside your camera.