Building a Portfolio

Example of a photography portfolio

A portfolio is a set of images brought together to show your ability, your style or in this case to show what you have learnt over a photography course.

A portfolio should be a complete cohesive group of images that show a particular theme, project or skill. The images should all be consistent in exposure, colour and tone. Choose images that have the most impact and remember that you may not be there, when your portfolio is being viewed, so your images should be self explanatory.

For this portfolio, your images should show a range of techniques, viewpoints and subjects displaying your knowledge of focal length, exposure, apertures, shutter speeds, composition and editing.

Be strict with what you allow into your portfolio. Don’t compromise and try not to add filler images. A small number of strong images far outweigh a large number of weak images. The number of images in your portfolio for your course have been limited to ensure you select the very best of your work, however this should also be your approach when putting together any portfolio.