Ambitious plans to grow the economy and boost creative industries

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The creative industries has always been the poor relation in terms of the funding that it receives and in recent decades, funding for the arts and arts education has reduced significantly. Just after the COVID Pandemic in 2021 funding for arts education was cut drastically, with huge uproar from industry and academia alike. See the artical in the Arts Newspaper for full details: . This despite the huge influx of demand for creative content during the pandemic (think movies, television, books, music) with Waterstones seing a week on week increase in book sales during that period of 400%.

It is always good to see the creative industries recognised for the huge impact it has on the economy and a realisation by the government that this is a booming sector:

This policy paper released in June describes Prime Minsiter Rishi Sunak’s support for the biggest growing industry in the country:

“One of the Prime Minister’s priority sectors for economic growth, the creative industries are a global British success story growing at more than 1.5 times the rate of the wider economy over the past decade and contributing £108 billion in gross value added (GVA) annually.

Employment in these industries has grown at five times the rate of the rest of the economy since 2011. Speaking at the London Tech Week conference on Monday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that Britain’s creative industries were “going like gangbusters” and represent a “unique strength” for the country”.

e have always known how significant an impact the creative industries has, not only on the economy, but also on the individual, on our culture, our identity and our mental health. This is why we are so determined to promote opportunities for everyone we can, to engage in creative activities and careers. (2023) Ambitious plans to grow the economy and boost creative industries Available at:,value%20added%20(GVA)%20annually. (Accessed: 06 Nov 2023)

Also see: UK’s Creative Industries contributes almost £13 million to the UK economy every hour