Annotating Images

Annotating images for portfolio submission

When creating images for a portfolio, journal, notebook as evidence for your photography course, you need to annotate (add notes to) your images. These notes should describe the technical, aesthetic, compositional elements and describe why you took the photograph. When annotating your images try to answer the following questions:

What equipment did you use to make this image?
What subject and area of photography did you choose to photograph?
What new techniques did you learn or try out while taking this photograph?
What health and safety considerations did you make?
What do you like about the image?
What do you not like about the image?
How could you improve the image?

If you reference or mention another photographer, book or other resource to correctly reference them: Name (year) Title, a link if online, date accessed if online for example:
Martin Parr (2022) Death by Selfie, (Accessed: 4 August 2022)

If photographs are being taken for a publication, newspaper, magazine or even for a website, information about the photograph is usually attached to the image in the form of an annotation. The standard format is Who, What, Where, When, Why? You should also consider this when annotating your images for your course.

Who – Who is in the image?
What – What is happening in the image?
Where – Where was the photograph taken?
When – Date and time but could also be time of year, season etc.
Why – why did you take the image?

Annotating an image in Adobe Lightroom Classic